Was created in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011. REALFASHIONLVRS was founded in 2011 to provide prescription glasses, sunglasses and non-prescription polarized sunglasses at al in one price to style savvy. #sunglassesRFL as known as RFLEYEWEAR is a part of REALFASHIONLVRS, a unique design local brand glasses. We want you to be a part of the Real Fashion lovers.

RFL is inspired by you and your lifestyle. So, please get addicted with US!

Why Us ?

  • We Love Sunglasses
  • Popular Style
  • Cool Colors
  • Unique & Rare Model
  • Better Quality
  • Better Packaging
  • We stand behind our products


In this day and age, style constan change extremely fast. You can count on us to stay up – to – date with the most popular styles. We consistently add new styles based on current market trends. You can expect new styles on a weekly basis and make sure to check out our new arrivals on Instagram : Instagram.com/realfashionlvrs.